Strategy Advising

A clear and strong strategy lies at the heart of impact - especially with complex social change.

With extensive experience designing and leading organizational strategy processes, I can support you to develop new strategy, evolve your existing strategy, or help you design broader practices for how you approach planning and adapting strategy over time. 

Effective strategy takes into account your organization’s mission, identity, and culture. It also recognizes that you need different types of strategic approaches depending on what you’re trying to achieve, ranging from highly planned to adaptive or emergent – each of which has different implications for how you design implementation and measurement. 

There’s no single framework or approach to strategy. Together we’ll clarify your needs, think about where you want to go, and discover what it would look like to get there. We’ll consider how to align the pieces needed to support strategic practice – including people, processes, structures and technology. And of course, find a way to take steps towards this which honor your workload and the degree of change you’re seeking. 

How might I support you? This could look like:

  • Designing or facilitating specific strategy processes
  • Creating frameworks or approaches to guide strategy design and adaptation
  • Helping you link together practices around strategy, learning and evidence to create more powerful impact
  • Aligning the type of strategic approach (e.g., adaptive, emergent) with the nature of the problem you’re trying to address
  • Identifying how to align people, processes, and systems to implement strategy more impactfully
  • Building capacity to apply systems thinking to strategy
  • Serving as a thought partner on existing strategy plans or approaches
  • Assessing what it would take to deeply embed learning and evidence into your strategy work, given your unique context
  • Advising on theories of change, learning agendas, evidence, etc.
  • Identifying approaches to learning and measurement that are the right fit for the type of strategy you’re using
  • Supporting you to find the right measures of progress and impact
  • Designing learning dialogues to reflect on your existing strategy and draw meaningful insights 
  • Helping you build cycles of learning that support strategy adaptation
  • Building team or organizational capacity to engage in actionable learning conversations
  • Helping you apply principles of equity to strategy content, practices, and design
  • Developing learning agendas for specific bodies of work

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