Learning Practices

Learning is the bridge between where you are now, and what you want to achieve.

The insights you need for your next decision are within reach. But the best learning happens when it’s planful, right-sized, and comes at the right time to inform your next decision. You need a combination of powerful learning questions, meaningful evidence, and learning practices that turn that evidence into insights that can actually inform your decisions.

Whether you already have a set of learning practices or you’re seeking to develop your practices from scratch, I can support you to evolve a practice that’s just right for your organization. Together, we can design learning practices that answers questions that matter to you, bring new insights, and which help you achieve greater impact.

How might I support you? This could look like:

Building learning practices

  • Supporting a single team – or the whole organization – to build regular learning practices into their work
  • Directly supporting strategy teams to create a plan for what they want to learn, what evidence they will need, and how to turn that evidence into insights to inform your next strategic decision
  • Helping you design powerful learning questions 
  • Designing a framework to guide your learning practice
  • Supporting you to build capacity to implement learning practices for continuous improvement (e.g., skills, structures, systems) 
  • Helping you find learning practices that are a fit for what you want to know – from real time learning to impact assessment
  • Acting as a learning facilitator to help you explore a specific learning question you have right now 

Evolving the learning function

  • Supporting executive leadership/learning leads to design or evolve a learning function that fits your organizational needs (e.g., structure, staffing, frameworks, practices, philosophy)
  • Helping you assess current practices around learning, and supporting you to craft a path from where you are to where you want to go
  • Acting as a thought partner or coach for leaders who are new to leading the learning function
  • Designing conversations about learning practices with your board

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