Get to Know Me

My passion is around helping organizations achieve a more just society by tackling complex social challenges. For the last two decades, I’ve used the tools of strategy, learning, and evaluation to help organizations become more impactful in how they work, so they can achieve greater impact in partnership with communities.

Most recently, I spent eleven years leading the learning and evaluation function at The Colorado Health Foundation. I supported the organization to build a robust set of practices and mindsets – creating a culture of continuous learning and strategic adaptation. This experience also deepened my appreciation for the practical challenges of change management – honing my skills to deal with the delicate interplay between people, process, and structure.

Before entering the world of philanthropy, I served as a senior evaluator at The Evaluation Center in Denver, catering to diverse stakeholders ranging from school districts to non-profit teacher training programs. My career originally took root as an evaluator in the Office of Math and Science of Chicago Public Schools, where I witnessed the powerful impact of gathering evidence and applying those insights to improve programs that served students, teachers, and schools.

I love to engage with other practitioners to share knowledge and exchange learning, and am often invited to speak on topics such as assessing impact, building systems of learning and evidence, strategic learning, and implementing equity practices in evaluation. Over the years I’ve engaged with audiences at the American Evaluation Association (and many of its local affiliates), Centers for Disease Control, US Department of Health and Human Services, United Ways, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, Philanthropy Colorado, and many others. Additionally, I have authored several articles and whitepapers that explore various concepts related to strategy, learning, and evaluation.

Academically, I earned my PhD and MA in applied social psychology from Loyola University Chicago. During my undergraduate years in Australia, I obtained a BS in psychology and a BA in sociology from the Australian National University in Canberra. My passion for continuous learning has led me to participate in various training programs and communities of practice across the years, gaining a master certification in Emergent Learning, as well as acquiring expertise in systems theory, organizational strategy, knowledge management, and change management.

Beyond these professional endeavors, I am also a textile artist! Channeling a lifelong love of creating with my hands, I currently focus on textile sculptures that incorporate a variety of media including fabric, handmade felt, beads, stitching, paper, and metal.

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